Ivoi – Smart response service

Case study

Ivoi – Smart response service


You may be in this situation: while you are at the meeting or driving, your phone is ringing but it is not convenient at all for you to answer the call. However you would have some concern that it would not be a polite gesture by simply turning down the call. 

Ivoi Service is designed to address the above concern, which will help the user auto-reply via Voice and SMS. When the user presses the ‘Reject’ button, a USSD menu will be popped up on the screen for the user to choose, what the user needs to do is to select the appropriate status and reply. As a result the system will inform the CallingParty of the situation the user is in through Voice or SMS (i.e. “the user you are calling is at the meeting, please call again later”). This way the embarrassment caused by simply rejecting call is solved hence the user experiences for both the CallingParty and the CalledParty will be largely improved by being provided with another option apart from the options of ‘Answer’ and ‘Reject’ .

Ivoi service will meet the demands of your call rejection:
- Polite communication
- Voice notification with fully content in most of busy cases
- Support all mobile phones

Subjects and Conditions of using: Viettel’s active subscribers

Service fee: 6000 VND/ month

Launching: March, 2015